Man Slits Woman’s Throat in Delhi

A gruesome crime occurred in Dwarka, Delhi. A man murdered a woman in cold blood, on a street.

A spine chilling murder in Delhi’s Dwarka, was captured by a cctv camera. In the video, the man is seen approaching a woman with a bag in his hand. The woman, standing on the sidewalk outside a shop, tries to drive him away with a stick-like object. The man was drunk. The man then calmly puts the bag down and reaches inside the bag. 

Seconds later he removes a knife from the bag, slits the woman's throat and runs away. The locals then started running after him. Somehow people managed to catch him and beat him up. 

The police were attacked and their vehicle damaged when they reached the spot and tried to save the accused from the locals. He was then admitted to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital with severe injuries. 

The woman has been identified as Vibha, 30, and the accused as Deepak. Vibha ran a small vegetable shop in the area with her husband. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors declared her dead on arrival. 

The police have arrested five people in the case for obstructing government work and damaging a police vehicle. The accused will be arrested once he is discharged.