Man Pulls Hair of Air India Air Hostess

In yet another mid-air mishap, an Air India Delhi-London flight had to make a U-turn after take-off due to an unruly passenger onboard.

I am sure you remember the peegate incident on the Air India flight.  There were another couple of similar incidents and then there were some other mid-air fights as well. ISH has released videos of mishaps done by different people in flights of Air India. 

You can see the ISH News videos here: 

Now, there was yet another mid-air mishap.  A passenger reportedly caused “physical harm” to two cabin crew members on an Air - India  Delhi - London flight on 10th April 2023 flight which took off  at 6.35 am. Within 15 minutes of takeoff from New Delhi’s  Indira Gandhi International Airport, the passenger became violent and hit two of the crew members. He has also reportedly pulled their hair. The passenger was given verbal warning but he didn’t stop. Seems like the airlines is very afraid of their flight controversies, because the passenger was given a written notice. Yes he was given an official notice to stop misbehaving. Can you imagine?! How harmful would the person have been that the officials would have given him a written warning high up in the air!? The passenger did not pay heed to any of the warnings. After all this, the captain was forced to return to New Delhi. As a result, the flight with 255 passengers turned back to the national capital and landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) at approximately 9:40am.  Almost in 2 hours the flight returned to Delhi.  The captain and crew members handed over the man to the police. The passenger is currently at the Delhi Airport police station. The crew members who were hurt are being taken care off.  The passenger’s father said that the man is mentally unstable. 

Similar incidents have happened in the past on the flights. All these people who have indulged in such activities are currently on a no - fly list for a short period of time, long period of time or permanently depending on the severity of the incident.