Man Born With Two Perfectly Working Penises

Several people are born with rare conditions and while some can also leave people stunned, In today’s video we’ll be talking about a man who is actually born with two perfectly working penises.

We had earlier released a video about a woman with 2 vaginas. You can check out the news here -

Have you heard about a man with two penises? I am sure that is even more shocking  but yes it is the truth!  

An anonymous man first came under the spotlight on Reddit in 2014 when he revealed that he had a condition that left him with two perfectly working penises. This condition is called diphallia and affects one in 5.5 million boys in the US. But the man’s story is different since both of his penises function, something that isn’t the norm.  He mentioned that he ejaculates from both during sex while uses the right one when he masturbates. He describes stimulation on both sides as a great experience but says it’s much better when he is having sex. The man wants to keep his identity hidden and has declined offers to work in porn movies.

His parents taught him that he was unique from an early age so he never questioned his differences with other guys. They told him to keep it a secret in order to avoid making other boys jealous of him. The man is bisexual and likes both men and women. 

Now we are quite sure that after listening about this weird disorder, your mind might have been flooded with questions. Here are some questions which he answered after they were asked to him when he revealed about having two penises. The man can pee out of both and ejaculate out of both. The right one is around 7inches hard. The left one is around 7 inches hard. 

When asked if he can ejaculate multiple times he said, ‘Yes, whichever one I start with, after I come, I can use the other immediately and keep going. Then switch back and keep going. I can go a few hours, having orgasms roughly every five to 10 minutes.’ Have you ever penetrated a woman vaginally and anally simultaneously?Yes, many many times.