Luxury Bus Service to Start From Delhi to London

India is now ready to cover the distance from New Delhi to London by bus very soon. The bus will travel across 18 countries, covering around 20,000 KM in 70 Days.

Whenever we plan to travel abroad, air travel is the only way we can think of. But not anymore. India is now ready to cover the distance from New Delhi to London by bus very soon. Yes, you heard that right, this new luxury facility comes with easing India-Myanmar border tensions. As per sources, the service is expected soon, with luxury buses offering these facilities from Delhi. Once the route is finalised, the travellers will be able to enjoy the Adventure’s Overland Bus to London. The bus will cover approximately 20,000 km and 18 countries in 70 days as per an official report. The price for the entire bus trip will cost around 15 lakhs. 

It will include all the services: tickets, visas, and lodging in various countries. 

To give travellers a comfortable journey, the bus will have drinking, dining, and sleeping facilities. The bus will have 20 seats and each passenger will be allotted their cabin. As per sources, this bus service will travel to France via Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Kyrgyzstan.  Further, a ferry will also be used to go from Calle in France to Dover in the UK. Though this might sound new, a similar bus service was initiated by a British bus company, Albert Tours, around 65 years ago. It started in 1957 and connected Kolkata to London via Delhi, and was famously called the ‘Hippie route.’ This double-decker bus service continued until 1976 but was discontinued due to a few accidents, and a continuous increase in border tensions amongst nations. This facility will not only give tourists a unique experience, but will also promote peace and serenity among different countries. What do you think about this? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.