Lakhs of Afghans Maybe Allowed to stay in USA
India Today
Sep 14, 2021

The US government has provided the first public the look inside a US military base where Afghans airlifted out of Afghanistan are being screened.

When the USA decided to end the war in Afghanistan and leave the country after the Taliban came to power, thousands of Afghani people were scared to live in the country. Many left Afghanistan and stormed into American flights. Nearly 130,000 were airlifted out of Afghanistan. This is the largest evacuation operation in US history. Currently the USA has 8 Military bases where the Afghanistan people are being kept. Many people are still in transit, undergoing security vetting and screening in other countries, including Germany, Spain, Kuwait and Qatar. These people are translators, drivers and others who helped the US military during the 20-year war. When the Taliban came to power many of them feared the Taliban would kill them out of revenge. So they left the country..

But do you know where these Afghan people were taken? Where are they staying? And are they happy in their new place? Till now there was no information about these places. There were no images and the media were not allowed to visit them. Finally after weeks of secrecy the USA government finally allowed media into one of their military bases called Fort Bliss which is in El Paso, Texas. The media were given a 3 hour tour of the base where 10,000 Afghani people are living. However the reporters were not allowed to talk with the Afghani people or spend more than a few minutes in areas where they were gathered. According to military officials this was because the US government wanted to maintain privacy. At this air base, the Afghanistan people will undergo medical and security checks before being resettled in the United States. The US government spent two weeks building the base for the Afghans. It is a huge area with many air-conditioned tents used as dormitories and dining halls. They are being served traditional Afghan meals of basmati rice and hearty stew. So far, no one at Fort Bliss has been released for resettlement.