Jameela Jamil Declines Role of Deaf Woman

Hollywood actress declines role of deaf woman to support actors with disabilities.

Jameela Jamil is a hollywood actress. She was offered the role of a deaf woman in a movie but she did not accept it. She did not accept the role because, she feels that the role should be played by a deaf woman. According in the film industry actors should not be greedy and must give everyone equal opportunities. She strongly feels that, disabled character should be played by a disabled person.

Hollywood Actor Bryan Cranston, accepted to play the role of a Quadriplegic. He faced severe backlash from many people. In his defence he said, actors are supposed to act and portray different characters. He said that if an actor is rich and he is offered the role of a poor man, does that mean he can not play the role of a poor man just because he is rich? Many people agreed to with his perspective, but some felt that it was dismissive of the disabled community.  

For example talk show host Trevor Noah tweeted that he agreed with Bryan Cranston’s views, but he later changed his mind. On his talk show he spoke about an actor who is in a wheelchair. The actor had said that, there are not many lead roles where the character is in a wheelchair. When a role like that is created, an actor in the wheelchair is optimistic. As the character is perfect for him, but such roles are never offered to people like him.He said that the movie producers will never ask an actor in a wheelchair to play role of an able-bodied person.So why are roles about disability offered to able-bodied individuals?

Trevor Noah said that, that is when he understood the importance of representation in disabled community.

Last year, John Krasinski was praised when insisted a deaf actress be given the role of a deaf daughter in his film  “The Quiet Place”. The role was given to 14 year old deaf actress Millicent Simmonds.