Israel Attacks Gaza and Kills 16 Children

Three days of Israeli bombardment in Gaza killed at least 44 Palestinians, including 16 children.

Earlier we had released a video about the reason for war in Israel & Palestine. You can check out the entire video here: 


On 5th August 2022, Once again Israel attacked Gaza. Israel said it launched the attacks in what it described as the pre-emption of an attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad attack meant to avenge the arrest of a group leader. According to the latest official information from the Palestinian health ministry, 44 Palestinians, including 16 children, were killed and at least 350 civilians wounded. These sixteen Palestinian children were looking forward to a summer filled with joy. They planned to play football, head to the beach and attend summer camp. Some families have been willing to share their stories, while others have been in a state of mourning and have asked for privacy. It took five rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments for a Palestinian woman named  Najwa Abu Hamadeh to conceive her only child. Israel and the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad declared a truce late Sunday after three days of heavy Israeli bombardment. The truce was mediated by Egypt. Sad to see so much war and violence. Hope there is a peaceful solution to these problems. 

CORRECTION: Russia is at war with Ukraine. The error in sign is regretted.