ISH News with Faye D’Souza on Mirror Now

Faye D’Souza invited ISH News CEO Alok Kejriwal, Head of IT Aqil Chinoy and Interpreter Mansi Shah on their show “The Urban Debate.” Here is a direct link to Mirror Now’s Show:

I have a very exciting news for all of you. Yesterday on 16th September, Mirror Now Journalist Faye D’Souza invited the founder of ISH News Alok Kejriwal, Head of IT Aqil Chinoy and Interpreter Mansi Shah 

to take part in the show titled the Urban Debate. During the show Faye spoke about the Information & Broadcasting Ministry’s new rule that News Channels in India must carry out at least one news show with Sign Language Translation. The show displayed phrases such as “Deaf, Not Dumb” & “Lets Make India Inclusive” She invited the Mr Alok and Aqil to share the problems of the Deaf community with the world because the country is very unaware about all this. 

Mr Alok stressed the importance of Sign language for the development of Deaf Individuals. Content of TV channels is not accessible to the Deaf. They either miss out on news or they have to always depend on others to understand the news. This is why he set up ISH News to provide accessible content to the Deaf and empower them. Aqil spoke about his educational struggles. Aqil said that the Indian education system for the Deaf is more focussed on oralism. This is why Deaf children are not able to understand and develop. He said education in Sign language will help Deaf individuals achieve anything. Mansi Shah who was interpreting was also asked about the discrimination CODA’s face. They also explained in detail the various barriers that Deaf individuals face while growing up. 

Here is the link of the video: 

We would like to thank Mirror Now for the opportunity to showcase the talents of Deaf individuals and the power of Sign Language.