Iron Rod Pierces Man’s Neck Inside a Moving Train

In an extremely painful and shocking incident, a man on 2nd of December has died on a train after an iron rod came crashing through the coach's window and pierced his neck.

If you stay in India, you might have travelled by train for most of your life. Even if not, you might have witnessed a train journey at least once in your life. Railways in India is one of the most commonly used means of transport, as it is considered as the cheapest and safest way to travel. However, now questions have been raised on the safety of passengers who travel with Indian Railways, after an extremely shocking and heart wrenching incident has happened.

In this extremely painful and shocking turn of events, a man on Friday, 2nd of December has died on a train in a freak accident where an iron rod came crashing through the coach's window and pierced his neck. Yes, you heard that right. Horrifying images from the spot show the passenger, Harikesh Kumar Dubey, sitting still with his eyes closed with a pool of blood next to him on his seat. The incident took place at around 8:45 am between Danwar and Somna in the Prayagraj Division of the North Central Railway on the Neelanchal Express train, which was going from Delhi to Kanpur. An iron rod being used in railway track work entered the train by damaging the window and piercing the passenger's neck. The ill-fated passenger in this incident is identified as Harikesh Dubey, who was sitting on the window seat while travelling from Delhi’s Anand Vihar station to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

Others who were sitting in the coach said the speed of the train felt like it was moving at over 100 km/hr when the rod flew in from the window. The impact was so high that the rod pierced through the wall of the window panel and a woman who was sitting in the back seat had a narrow escape. The train was stopped at Aligarh Junction, and the body was handed over to the Government Railway Police Force (GRPF). Investigation is underway," the Indian Railways has said in a statement. After this shocker, would you still consider railways as the safest mode of transportation? What do you think about this extremely painful and unpredictable death? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.