Internet Explorer Retires After 27 Year’s of Service

Will you feel sad if we say that the legendary web browser “Internet Explorer” is going to retire very soon after its 27 years of long service to millions of its users.

Nowadays using laptops, computers, tablets, mobiles has become very common. Use any of these gadgets with the internet and all of sudden you can do anything. Watch movies, play games, transfer money, invest money, etc. The internet has made anything and everything possible. When many of us started using PC computers we used those old bulky PCs we used the internet sent emails, etc. but its usage was limited. 

In 1995 the Internet Explorer app was first released with Windows 95. People surfed the internet, looked up information, chatted with friends, etc. Surfing the internet with internet explorer became the norm. By 2003, more than 95%, people used it. However as time went by, the internet explorer became slow, there were many issues. Then  Google chrome came, there was Mozilla Firefox. In fact, after 2016 updates for Internet Explorer completely stopped because. The Microsoft came up with a new browser - Microsoft Edge. This was the company's plan to slowly phase out Internet Explorer. Now the company decided to discontinued the Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. 

Many people who started using the internet using internet explorer were extremely nostalgic and sad. Everyone started sharing stories about memories they created. Because the internet brough everyone closer. Sending love letter by email, chatting with gf/bf, sharing urgent info, all happened with the internet explorer and now it is gone. Now the Internet Explorer has gone forever. But we still have so many options. How do you feel about this? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.