Indian Man Parag Agrawal Named as Twitter CEO

Parag Agrawal, an Indian-American technology executive, will be the new CEO of Twitter.

Parag Agrawal, an Indian-American technology executive, will be the new CEO of Twitter, as the former CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down on Monday 29 November 2021 after 16 years of being Twitter’s CEO.  

However, Dorsey will continue to be a part of Twitter’s board. When Agrawal’s name was announced as the new CEO he thanked Dorsey for his support and promised to work hard. Parag Agrawal was working as the chief technology officer. Before Twitter, Parag Agrawal worked with Microsoft, Yahoo and AT&T Labs. 

He studied  B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay and completed his PhD from Stanford University. Agrawal has an estimated net worth of $1.52 million. People began congratulating him from around the world. Patrik Collison is the CEO of a company called Stripe. He tweeted and said,"Google, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and now Twitter are run by CEOs who grew up in India. It is wonderful to watch the amazing success of Indians in the technology world; it is a good reminder of the opportunity America offers to immigrants. (Congrats, @paraga!)." In response to this Tweet Elon Musk said, ‘USA benefits greatly from Indian talent!.’

Parag’s wife, Vineeta Agrawal, also appears to be an accomplished woman in her own right. According to her Twitter profile, Vineeta is a professor at Stanford School of Medicine which is in California. The couple are both passionate about their careers and family is of the utmost importance to them. They currently live in San Francisco, California with their 3 year old son Ansh.