Indian Boy Jailed For Raping UK Girl

An Indian engineering student studying in UK has been arrested for rape.

On 4th June 2023, an Indian student named Preet Vikal went to a club in Cardiff in the United Kingdom. At 4:00 am when he came outside the club he saw an extremely drunk woman.  Vikal did not know the woman. He carried the girl in his arms and later across his shoulders. He then laid her on the ground and lifted her to her feet.  At one point, the girl was walking but leaning heavily on Vikal. Vikal took her to his place of residence.  The next day when the girl woke up, she was bleeding. She found her clothes folded, got out of bed, and got dressed.  The victim asked for the defendant's Instagram handle and once she left, she messaged him asking him if they had sex, and if so, whether they had used protection. Vikal answered that yes, they had sex, but they had not used protection. She was shaken, unable to sleep, and felt a sense of guilt as a result of his actions. 

After learning about what had transpired, the woman reached out to the police and Vikal was arrested on the same day. He gave a statement claiming the victim had been a "willing participant". The case went to court. At the start of the trial, Vikal said he had not raped her.  During the trial, the girl’s lawyer claimed that the girl was too drunk to consent to sex. Hence it was Rape.  A video of Vikal carrying the girl in his arms was also played in court. The video was found in CCTVs near the bar.  Vikal also took a trophy picture of the girl on his bed and sent it to his friend.  The Police said in court, "Stranger attacks such as these are extremely unusual in Cardiff". Vikal’s lawyer said, "Coming from a village north of Delhi  he is a young man who worked extremely hard, so much so that he won a scholarship to support his study in engineering. He was the first in his family to go to university, and the first in his village to go overseas and study. He was fulfilling his dreams to come here and those of his parents.” 

However, later in the trial, Vikal confessed to raping the girl. The court has sentenced him to 6 years in jail. Out of these 6 years, 4 years he will be in jail and the remaining 2 years he will be out of jail but he has to follow strict rules.