India’s Fastest Train Stranded for an Hour

The Vande Bharat Express which is the most premium train of India, left passengers stranded for an hour without AC, lights and fans.

The Vande Bharat Express is the most premium trains of India. The passengers thought that they would enjoy a comfortable journey. However, on Sunday, 13th October 2019 they suffered for an hour without AC, lights, or even a fan. This is because the train had some technical problems. The train reached Allahabad station at 4:50 pm.Ten minutes before it reached, ACs stopped working. The train staff in the train had alerted the station officials about the problem so that when they reach the station the problem could be fixed quickly. Even though there were 6 senior railway officials present, they took more than an hour to fix the problem.

The passengers became very angry and started Tweeting about this. Some passengers posted tweets and tagged Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.This super fast train has had many problems in the past.In February, when the first Vande Bharat train started people threw stones at it.And during its first train arrived in Varanasi almost one and a half hours late.