In Mumbai Baby Falls in Open Drain

In a case of extreme misfortune, an 18-month-old baby walked out of his house on a rainy day and fell into an over flowing water drain.

Goregaon (E) One and a half year old Divyansh Singh lived with his parents, two older siblings and grandmother. His father is a scrap vendor. On Wednesday night, his grandmother fed him dinner and went to her room. His mother was in the kitchen. His father walked out of the house. So Divyansh followed his father. Nobody saw him leaving the house. 

At around 9.40pm, Divyansh's siblings alerted his mother, that Divyansh wasn’t in the house. She immediately ran out of the house, checking the street and started knocking on the door of all her neighbours asking if they had seen her son. The entire locality was searching for the child. She could not find her son anywhere. She then saw his footwear near an open drain. Her heart stopped when she understood what had happened. She had a strong feeling Divyansh had fallen in the drain. 

Priyanka informed her husband and neighbours. There was a mosque in the area that had CCTV. They all went to the mosque to check the camera footage so they could find some clue about Divyansh. The CCTV video showed Divyansh standing near the drain and then slipping in the drain. It had been raining that day and the drain was filled with water. There was a big argument between the locals the BMC. The locals say that drains in the area have not been covered for four years but the BMC says that is not true. 

BMC’s Additional commissioner (West) Ashwini Joshi said that photos taken on 29th June show that the drain was covered with a cement lid. SHe said that it is sad that one of the lids was removed by someone. It is very sad this happened. Now it is their priority to look for the child.