IDM Offers Special Matrimonial Service to the Deaf

IDM - India Deaf Matrimony is the first of its kind online matrimonial service for the Deaf in India. Watch our latest video to learn more about their services.

IDM - India Deaf Matrimony was founded in 2008 by Sandeep Agarwal. His goal was to help Deaf individuals find partners for marriage. However since Many Deaf individuals were not well versed with technology and social media, IDM shut down in 2.5 months. One year ago back in 2019, Sandeep and Vinay Gehlot saw that many Deaf individuals were looking for marriage partners. This is why Sandeep decided to create the IDM website and resume the work they had started in 2008. 

The website was completely created by the Deaf. Hence communication was easy with no barriers. The website was launched on 5th September 2019. Initially only 3 staff were working, but now it has slowly increased. In 2020 Deaf individuals are very tech savvy and are very active on social media. IDM provides them complete accessibility and helps them make independent decisions about their lives. 

The IDM website is updated on a day-to-day basis with Deaf participants. On the website participants are properly classified such as Widow, single, divoree, etc. Till now IDM has 7033 members. 2 want to get married. 4 marriages are fixed but it is on hold due to the COVID outbreak. Once the situation calms down, the marriage will be held and all the information will be posted online. The Terms & Conditions are clearly explained in ISL on their website. Please read it and then register. After registering, confidentiality is extremely important. Sharing information about IDM’s services will invite strict legal action. If women are harassed, the culprits will be given warnings. Failure to abide by the warnings will lead to legal action. If some women are confused and have doubts about IDM, they can join the all women’s WhatsApp group to clear doubts and learn more about IDM’s service. If both partners like each other and agree to marry, inform the IDM team to remove their names from the website. Otherwise you will keep getting calls. Once married the couple will receive a gift from IDM.

Here are the various payment packages for registering to IDM: 

Rs 2,999 - 3 months 

Rs 4,999- 6 months 

Rs 8,999- 1 year 

Rs 19,999 - 1 year 

This is a 1 year special service for clients. If you take the normal 3 month, 6 month or 1 year package you will have to search for partners yourself on the website. In the 1 year special the IDM team will help find a partner in regards to your specific needs. If you want a partner from a specific caste, vegetarian, religion, etc. the team will help find candidates and you can make your decision. You can approach them directly about any of your issues. They even help with filling out your bio-datas. They will solve your problem with full accessibility. 

Another point to remember: From Monday-Friday between 11:00am-6:00pm  and Saturday between 11:00am-4:00pm calls will be received. Sunday the office is shut. No calls will be answered after the allotted time. Founder, Mr Sandeep and CEO, Mr Vinay have announced free service to poor Deaf individuals. Free service will be given once IDM verifies about the family background and an agreement will be signed. If the Deaf person avails the free matrimonial service and shares it with others, strict legal action will be taken. The service will only be for 3 months. 

Those paying for membership will not have to sign the agreement. However strict confidentiality must be maintained and information must not be shared with anyone. Otherwise legal action will be taken. You may wonder, why you must pay for the service. If you do not pay, you access the website but most of the information such as name, bio-data, etc. will be blurred. If you pay then you can access all the details. 

You are paying for the quality service provided by IDM’s team and their website that is helping you find partners with full accessibility. You can follow IDM on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube to receive daily updates. Another announcement is that the World Deaf Match will be launching on 9th September 2020. WDM is an international matrimonial service. 

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