Hardik Pandya To Lose 70% Of Property To Wife Natasa?

Hardik Pandya's tumultuous IPL 2024 season was overshadowed by divorce rumors and allegations of personal struggles.

Mumbai Indians' captain Hardik Pandya had a difficult IPL 2024 season, as his team finished at the bottom of the points table with just 4 wins out of 14 matches. Fans, disappointed with the team's performance and Pandya's captaincy, often booed him during matches. Pandya, who took over the captaincy from Rohit Sharma, faced immense pressure and criticism throughout the season.

Adding to his troubles, rumours about Pandya's personal life have been circulating on social media. Many believe that Pandya and his wife, Serbian model Natasa Stankovic, are heading for a divorce. These speculations started when Natasa changed her Instagram handle from Natasa Stankovic Pandya to simply Natasa Stankovic. Observers noted that the couple hadn't posted pictures together recently and that Pandya did not publicly wish Natasa on her birthday on March 4.

Fans also pointed out that Natasa was absent from the stands during the IPL 2024 season, raising further doubts about their relationship. On May 25, Natasa was seen in the city and, when asked about the divorce rumours, she simply smiled and said, "thank you". She also shared a cryptic social media post featuring Jesus and a sheep, leaving fans guessing about its meaning.

Despite the ongoing rumours, neither Pandya nor Natasa have made any official statements regarding their relationship. Their social media accounts still feature photos of them together with their son, Agastya. As of now, these rumours remain unconfirmed.

Adding to the speculation, there are claims that Pandya could lose 70% of his assets due to alimony if a divorce happens. However, in a 2017 interview, Pandya mentioned that all his earnings are managed by his mother, as he does not trust himself with finances. This arrangement could mean that he might not lose much if a divorce occurs.

Comparisons have been made to the case of Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, who also had his assets managed by his mother. When his wife, actress Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and demanded half of his property, it was revealed that Hakimi owned nothing in his name, as everything was under his mother's name. This resulted in the court ordering Abouk to donate half of her net worth to Hakimi.

Indian laws also allow a wife to demand alimony and child maintenance after a divorce. However, if Pandya's assets are indeed under his mother's name, it could complicate any alimony claims.

Interestingly, some social media users suggest that the divorce rumours might be a PR strategy by Pandya and Natasa to distract from the cricketer's poor performance and the backlash he faced as Mumbai Indians' captain. According to these users, the couple has an open relationship and the rumours are part of a plan to improve Pandya's public image.

In conclusion, while the rumours about Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic's relationship continue to swirl, there is no official confirmation from either party. Fans and followers are left waiting for clarity on both Pandya's personal and professional fronts.