Government Shares Steps to Fold the Tri-Colour

The Indian government has shared steps to properly fold back the national flag after the celebration of independence day completes.

The national flag of any country is the country's pride and should be treated in a way that it is not disrespected. However, every year during the celebration of  Independence day & Republic day, a lot of us purchase the Indian flag and later don’t even care to discard it in a proper way which eventually results in situations like seeing the national flag lying on the streets or sometimes even in the dustbins, which is undoubtedly a matter of shame for any citizen of India. The simple idea is that if you purchase a flag, it becomes your duty to discard it in a way it is not disrespected.

However, recently ahead of India’s Independence Day this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led's central government has launched the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign as part of which citizens have been urged to display or hoist the national flag at their homes between the 13th and 15th August. However, to avoid any situation which might lead to disrespect of our national flag, the government has also shared the way to properly fold back the national flag after the celebration of independence day completes.

In a photo tutorial shared by the official Twitter page of the grand fest “Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”,  4 steps have been shown to fold the flag and respectfully store it. In the first step, directions have been given to place the flag horizontally on a clean surface.In the second step, It is instructed to fold the saffron & Green parts of the flag in halves and put the folded part under the white band. In the third step, The white band should be folded from the top and bottom end of the flag in such a way that only the blue Ashoka Chakra is visible from the white part. The fourth and final step indicated that one should carry this folded flag respectfully and store it in a clean place for future use.

The central government has urged everyone to use the above-mentioned steps in order to fold and restore the national flag for whoever is planning to host the flag in their homes this year. The steps are simple and easy but should be taken care of in a very strict manner to avoid any disrespect caused to the pride of the nation.

On behalf of ISH News, we urge all our viewers who are planning to host the flag at their houses to strictly and promptly follow the above-listed steps in order to store the flag, this will help India to celebrate its Independence day in a very responsible manner.