Girl Records TikTok Video in Golden Temple

A complaint was filed against a girl for creating a TikTok video inside the Golden Temple and hurting the religious sentiments of the Deaf community.

A girl named Akansha Thakur filmed a Tik Tok video in the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The girl recorded a dance video of herself in the Golden Temple. She posted it on Tik Tok with background music of a punjabi song.You all know that the Golden Temple is one of the sacred and important religious places for the SIkh community. Youth Khalsa Welfare (YKW) is a youth association. When they saw this video they were very angry and hurt. 

In the Complaint, YKW said that Akansha has hurt the religious sentiments of the Sikh Community. Everyday lakhs of people visit the golden temple and Gurbaani is songs for 18 hrs everyday.This girl recorded herself dancing on punjabi music in the temple. This is very disrespectful.The YKW has asked the police to take strict action. A day after the complaint, the girl deleted the video and made an apology video. 

In the video she said that, a few days ago, I posted a video while dancing inside Gurdwara and it received very bad comments. I accept that such comments have come because people must have felt bad after seeing my video. I accept my mistake and am sorry if I have hurt the religious sentiments of anybody.I am really sorry, please forgive me.”