France Shuts Down Schools & Travel Due to Spike in Cases

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced a three-week nationwide school closure and a month-long domestic travel ban, as the rapid spread of the virus ramped up pressure on hospitals.

France President Emmanuel Macron in a television speech on 31st March, announced that for 3 weeks all schools & colleges will remain closed in france. Plus for 3 weeks domestic flights will not be allowed. This is because there has been a big increase in COVID cases in France, which has put a lot of pressure on their hospitals. An overnight nationwide curfew has been in place since January, and all France's restaurants, bars, gyms, cinemas and museums have been closed since October. He also said night curfew in the entire country from 7pm - 6am will continue. People are allowed to go outside for relaxing, but only within a 10-kilometer radius from their homes. They are not allowed to walk in large groups. All non-essential shops are closed down. France will also increase the number of ICU beds. Macron has encouraged people to remain united and follow the rules as it will help to control the spread of infection.