Ex-Afghan Minister Delivers Pizza in Germany

Former Afghanistan’s Communications and Information Technology Minister Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat is now reportedly seen delivering pizzas on the streets of Leipzig, Germany.

Syed Ahmad Sadat graduated from Oxford University with two master's degrees in communications and electrical engineering. For 23 years, he was in the communications industry with over 20 firms in 13 countries. He was appointed as the Minister of Communications in the Afghanistan government in 2018. But in 2020 he resigned and travelled to Leipzig in Germany to assist with difficulties related to communication in Afghanistan, but he was unable to do so because of the disagreements with President Ashraf Ghani. He found it very difficult to get another job. This is why  he was compelled to work as a pizza delivery guy to make ends meet. He now rides his bicycle across the city, delivering pizzas. Pictures of him wearing an orange vest delivering pizzas went viral on social media. Sadat said that he did not expect the Taliban to take over Afghanistan so quickly. He is lucky to be safe with his family in Germany. Sadat intends to save money and do a German course and study further.