Education & ISL helps Deaf Girl find her lost Parents

A Deaf girl who went missing in 2018, was able to reunite with her family after learning Sign Language & learning to write. Watch our latest video to know more about this heart warming story.

There was a 15 year old Deaf girl who was staying at Malviyanagar in Shivrajpur District, Uttar Pradesh. On 19 July 2018 she went missing. Her parents filed a missing persons complaint at the local police station, but they failed to trace her. On 24th July 2018, the girl was found by local police in Dalmau which is in Rae Bareli. But she was not able to communicate with the police and couldn’t give them any details about where she lived. Police handed Moni to the Child Welfare Committee which then entrusted her to Mansik Mandit Mamata Ashray Grah which is in Bareilly. This association along with Manosamarpan and  Manosamajik Sewa Samiti took care of the girl. The associations then gave her medical aid, taught her Sign Language and also taught her to read and write. Recently, during a training session, she told her counsellor Bharti Kashyap and psychologist Shailesh Kumar Sharma through writing that she hails from Malviyanagar in Shivrajpur. Shailesh Kumar Sharma said, “Moni wrote and gave details about her parents as well as their address. We immediately traced her parents and informed them about Moni” 

Moni’s father Ishwar Dayal, a farmer, thanked the three organisations for taking care of Moni and teaching her Sign Language and writing. Dayal said, “She went missing on July 19, 2018. We searched everywhere. Even after a police complaint we could not find her. I got a call from Mansik Mandit Mamata Ashray Grah, on 6th March 2021 and I rushed to meet her. I was able to find my daughter after three years because of the power of Sign Language and writing. My family is complete again.” Moni’s brother Ram Kumar said, ““I had lost all hope of meeting my sister. By the grace of God she is back with us.” The story of Moni reuniting with her family is proof that Bilingual education is the need of the hour for the 18 million Deaf individuals in India. When reading and writing a spoken language is taught through the medium of Indian Sign Language, Deaf children are able to understand better. This leads to them having more knowledge and gives them the ability to fulfil their aspirations and contribute to the development of India.