Dr Priyanka Reddy Raped & Burnt in Hyderabad

In a horrific incident, Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad, Hyderabad was raped, smothered and then burnt by four men. Watch the video for all the details.

On Wednesday night. 26-year-old Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad, Hyderabad was raped, smothered and then burnt by four men. This incident has shocked the entire country. Let me tell you about it.Priyanka had parked her bike near a Toll Plaza in Shamshabad at 5:50pm. The four men were drunk and when they saw her parking the bike the created a plan. When Priyanka left, one of them name Jollu Naveen punctured the rear wheel of the Priyanks’s scooter. When Priyanka returned to take her scooter at around 9.18pm, she realised one of the tyres got punctured. The second man then came to her and told her he would help her. The third man then said he would take her Bike to get it repaired. 

Priyanka then called her sister and told her that she was waiting for her bike. She said that she was scared because the three men were waiting with her. She then told her sister she would call again soon and cut the call. Her sister said that Priyanka's phone was switched off when she called her around 9.44 pm. The family kept calling but her phone was switched off. Priyanka’s sister then drove to the toll plaza but did not find her. She then filed a complaint with the Cyberabad Police. On Thursday morning, A milkman saw fire at 5 am near the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway. He thought it was a regular bonfire. But then he saw a hand sticking out of the fire That's when he informed the police. The family were called to identify the burnt body. They confirmed it was Priyanka by the half burnt scarf and the Ganesha locket. 

After investigation it was found that the man came back with her scooter and told her that all the repair shops were closed. She was then raped. While raping her they choked and smothered her because of which she died. The four men then took her body away from the Toll plaza and burnt her. The police have arrested the four men who have confessed to the crime and filed a case against them. Priyanka’s family have said that the Cyberabad police were extremely uncooperative. They delayed filing a complaint and kept asking if Priyanka had an affair. They made to go to different police stations as officers kept saying the case wasn’t under their jurisdiction. Because of the incident, people all over the country are very angry. Hundreds of people surrounded the Shadnagar police station, where the accused were held. The crowd also hurled stones at the police. They crowd were very angry and demanded the four men be killed. The police had to lathi charge to control the crowd. 

The mother of one of the accused said that , “If my son committed the crime, burn him too. My son is nothing to me. Wrong is wrong. She (victim’s mother) gave birth to a daughter after nine months. Her daughter becoming the victim of such a crime… what she must be going through.”Protestors have demanded a speedy trial. Women all over the country are very angry and have demanded safety for all women. 

ISH News does not disclose the identity or photographs of victims of sexual assault, in line with Supreme Court guidelines. However, Dr. Reddy's case is unique as her name and photographs were widely published before sexual assault allegations in the case came to the fore.