Dog Swallowed 16 Golf Balls And Than Lost His Taste

In one shocking incident A dog shocked his owner after swallowing 16 golf balls without him even realising- Watch full story

Looking for your golf balls might get irritating when you are getting late for a game of Golf on a weekend. However it might get even more deadly if you find your golf balls in your beloved dog's stomach. In one such shocking incident, a dog shocked his owner after swallowing 16 golf balls without him even realising. David Warren, a 70 year old man, noticed that his beloved dog Ben(a boxer. Dog breed) had lost his appetite and interest in food  and started losing weight. David Warren, who is also a  grandfather-of-six took ben to the doctor, where reports revealed that several 4cm golf balls were sitting in his dog's stomach. David said that he had no idea that the golf balls he wasnt able to find were actually lying in his dog's stomach. "I was horrified when the doctors told me about the blockage in his stomach. They said it was golf balls and I thought he must have swallowed one or two but they said 'No, he’s swallowed 16'. Two-year-old Ben was then immediately rushed into emergency surgery. Thankfully, a two-hour operation saved the dog and Ben is now back to his normal life. David said: "They really made me laugh when they offered me the bag of balls to take home after the operation was successful.” David also praised the skills of the doctor after the sugurey was successful. David is now teaching his mischievous dog to chase after sticks and big balls which he can’t swallow.