Dog Awaits Dead Owner Outside Hospital

A dog has been waiting for his dead master outside a mortuary for more than 4 months and another dog visits the mother of the man who died while saving him.

Dogs are the most faithful creatures in the world. Here are 2 heart touching stories that narrates the true meaning of faithfulness of a dog.

An unknown, unnamed dog has been sitting outside the Kerala’s Kannur district hospital mortuary for more than 4 months now. It is believed to be waiting for its deceased master not knowing that he/she is dead. One of the hospital’s staff members, Vikas Kumar said that the tan & white colored dog came along with a patient to the hospital four months ago. The patient died and the dog saw its master being taken to the mortuary. The dog since then has not left the place as he thinks that its master is still inside. According to other hospital staff, the dog is usually found on the ramp that leads to the hospital’s mortuary. It sometimes wanders around the hospital physiotherapy department but always returns to sleep outside the mortuary at night. The dog now lives at the hospital and is taken care of by Dr. Maya Gopalakrishnan, who has named the dog Ramu. She feeds Ramu home cooked food everyday at the hospital. According to her, Ramu refused to eat anything and just stared at the locked doors of the mortuary while sitting on the ramp in the initial days but now eats eggs & fish bought by her. Ramu doesn’t attack anyone, doesn’t mingle with other stray dogs and  is always at his best behavior. This story of Ramu went viral on social media in early November 2023. Millions of people expressed their love for Ramu and appreciated Dogs in general. 

The story of Ramu reminded people of the similar real-life story of a Japanese dog Hachiko. Hachiko, too, waited for his deceased master outside Tokyo’s Shibuya Station for nine years until his last breath. Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko is erected at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station on the same spot where he used to wait to honor his love & faithfulness towards his master. Many locals & tourists visit the statue and pay their respects to Hachiko.
In another incident, a stray dog whom a 21-year-old biker tried dodging and fell to his death in Karnataka's Davanagere last week walked to his home several kilometres away.  According to family members, on 16th November 2023, Tippesh was returning home after dropping his sister at a nearby bus stop. He tried to dodge the dog and in this his bike skid and he fell. Tippesh died of severe head injuries. The dog kept following the vehicle that carried Tippesh's body, all the way home, about 8km away from the accident site. The dog was around even during the funeral near the house. Tippesh’s mother, Yashodamma said, “The dog tried to approach our house after the funeral, but other strays in the area fought with it. It finally entered the house after 3 days and rested its head on my hand. We felt the dog was trying to convey grief over Tippesh's death. It is now living with us.” Videos of Yashodamma and the dog have gone viral after the tragedy, seen as a striking example of and remorse, attributes not usually associated with strays who are often regarded as a nuisance.  Other relatives, too, appeared to have taken note of the dog's deeds. "It was an accident and we unfortunately lost our brother," said Chandana, Tippesh's sister.