Delta Variant Causes Gangrene & Hearing Loss

Delta, the coronavirus variant that triggered India's devastating second wave of the pandemic, is definitely highly contagious, according to experts and multiple studies.

A new strain of the Coronavirus was found in India last year and it was called the ‘Delta Variant’ or B.1.617.2. Since then it  has spread to 60 countries over the past six months. A recent study by an Indian government panel stated the variant was the "primary cause" behind India's deadly second wave. Now, doctors in India draw from their experience that it is also possibly more severe than other strains of coronavirus. Blood clots, gangrene, severe tonsillitis and loss of hearing are just some of the many severe conditions Indian doctors have linked with the new strain.

Emerging scientific evidence indicates that Delta and other variants may be able to evade antibodies generated from vaccination. Experts hence want pharmaceutical companies to tweak the formula for existing vaccines or develop new ones. After facing the world's worst coronavirus outbreak, India's COVID-19 situation is finally improving. However, Delta and other new strains are leading to fresh outbreaks in countries like Britain, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan, amid growing calls for faster immunization.