Delhi Water Most Polluted in India

The citizens of Delhi are already suffering due to the toxic air. Now to add to their woes, a research has found that their tap water is the most polluted in India.

We all know that the air in Delhi is the worst in India. It is very polluted and very dangerous for health. However, a new research has found that the water in Delhi is the worst in india. The research was conducted by Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ram Vilas Paswan.In this research, tap water samples were collected from Delhi. After testing the water it was found that the water in Delhi was very polluted and dirty. 

After this water samples from 20 other capitals were collected for testing. The testing checked for bacteria and chemicals present in water. Except Mumbai all the other cities failed the water testing.

Only water in Mumbai is clean and fit for drinking. At a press conference Paswan said that, children fall sick due to water-related diseases.He said that in India water quality standard is not compulsory.It should be made compulsory. We have also asked the chief ministers of states to order an investigation into it.