Delhi Man Stab’s Wife As Bystander Do Nothing

An employee of the Safdarjung hospital was repeatedly stabbed by her husband on a crowded street in Delhi's Rohini.

Delhi Police has arrested a man in custody after a video of him stabbing his wife repeatedly in full public view went viral on social media. The incident in question took place in Delhi's Rohini area on Saturday 10th April.  In the video, the couple can be seen walking together in a crowded marketplace. All of a sudden, the husband took out a knife and stabbed his wife to death in broad daylight. Even after she had died, the husband stabbed her as many as 25 times in a fit of rage.  What is even more shocking is that when the man was stabbing the woman, 100s of people were around. Some were even taking videos of the incident but not a single person came forward to stop the man. Her husband tried to escape from the spot with the blood stained knife in his hand, but was chased by police.  The police have identified the woman as 26-year-old Neelu Mehta who worked at the Safdarjung hospital in Delhi. Her husband Harish Mehta is an employee of the Marriage Bureau. Both Harish and Neelu hail from Rajkot in Gujarat who got married eight months back. The Delhi Police believe that Harish suspected his wife was having an affair with someone. The police feel this may be the reason why he killed her. A murder case has been registered in this regard against Harish and further investigation is going on. Another incident occurred in the same area on the same day. A 24-year-old man was arrested for stabbing his stepmother to death after she refused to give him money.