Delhi High Court Imposes Rs 20 Lakh Fine on Juhi Chawla

The Delhi High Court on Friday dismissed the suit filed by actor Juhi Chawla against introduction of 5G technology in India and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on her.

Actress-environmentalist Juhi Chawla had filed a case in the Delhi High Court against the setting up of 5G wireless networks in India. On 2nd June, the Court hearing was held by Justice J R Midha. The court hearing was conducted online. Juhi Chawla, her lawyers, the central government’s lawyers and the judge were all present in the live hearing and the discussion was going on. However, the online court proceedings were interrupted several times by unknown people. One person sang songs from Juhi Chawla’s movies & some passed comments. Central Government’s lawyer Tushar Mehta said, the lawsuit filed by Ms Chawla is frivolous and there was no logical reason for her to file such a case. When Mehta said this, some of the participants repeatedly used thumbs down and laughter emojis that floated across the screen. 

The virtual courtroom was later ‘locked’.  Justice J R Midha said that, “ Juhi Chawla had circulated the link to the virtual hearing on social media and the petition had been filed as an "attempt to gain publicity. Ms Chawla’s lawsuit had no concrete basis and was filled with "unnecessary, scandalous and vexatious arguments". The judge also said that she should have written to the government about the issue first rather than wasting the court’s time. He said that since she has no respect for the court’s time, a fine of Rs 20 lakh has been imposed on her. She has to pay the fine within 1 week. The funds will be utilised for the cause of road accident victims.