Delhi HC Warns Flight Passengers for Not Wearing Masks

The Delhi High Court has taken strong note of passengers not properly wearing masks in flights and issued guidelines to all domestic airlines for strict compliance.

Justice C Hari Shankar is a judge working in the Delhi High Court.  He had taken an Air India flight from Kolkata to New Delhi on March 5. He noticed that, when passengers boarded the bus from the airport to the flight and inside the flight as well people had worn masks on their chin. When he requested them to wear the mask properly, passengers were very stubborn. But after repeatedly requesting them, they finally wore the mask properly. When Shankar asked the Cabin Crew about this,the cabin crew stated that they had directed all the passengers to wear masks, but were helpless in case they did not listen. Justice C Hari Shankar took suo motu cognizance of the situation at the Delhi High Court and issued guidelines for immediate compliance. 

He said now the Coronavirus cases are increasing in the country. People not wearing masks is shocking. The Delhi High Court has issued guidelines that all airlines must follow. Cabin Crew will have to keep checking if masks are worn properly during the flight. If any passenger denies following the protocol, they will be banned from flights either permanently or temporarily. Airlines must provide written instructions regarding the protocol to be followed by passengers in flight along with the boarding pass. Random checks will also be done in flights.