Delhi HC Bans Sale of Medicines Online

The Delhi HC banned the sale of medicines online across the country.

The Delhi High Court has finally banned the sale of medicines online.The High Court has told the Central Government and the AAP Government in Delhi to make sure no one sells the medicines online.

Delhi based dermatologist had filed a petition in the High Court. He complained that lakhs of medicines were sold online every day without any rules. This was a huge risk to the patients. His lawyer argued that the sale of medicines was not allowed under the Drugs And Cosmetics Act 1940 and the Pharmacy Act 1948.

He also said that in 2015, the Drug Controller General of India had told all the states to stop sale of medicines online to protect the people’s health. It was of no use as lakhs of medicines continued to be sold online.

These online websites sold medicines without a proper license. Many of the medicines sold online are very strong. They can affect the human body in several ways. If the medicines are not prescribed properly a person get addicted also. Many children and people from uneducated rural areas have access to the internet. They can by the wrong medicine online which is very dangerous.

The petition blames the government for not handling the situation. They said that the Central government knew about all these problems. They had set up a panel to handle the situation.

In September the health Union Ministry created a set of rules to control the sale of medicines online.The Delhi High Court after listening to petition, completely banned the sale of medicines online.

Following them, the Madras High Court has also banned the sale of medicines online.