Delhi Bans Entry Of Heavy Vehicles From 1st Oct 2022

The Delhi government on Thursday banned the entry of medium and heavy vehicles in Delhi from 1 October 2022 to 28 February 2023.

Every year during winters, the pollution levels in Delhi are very high due to a multitude of factors, including stubble burning and vehicular traffic. Many people suffer a lot of health issues due to the pollution. Usually every year, in Delhi the entry of such vehicles like trucks, mini tempos etc is banned for only 15-20 days either in November or December. But this year to tackle the pollution, the Delhi government took a strong decision and came up with a new rule on 23rd June 2022. The new rule said that entry of medium and heavy vehicles will be banned in the city (Delhi) from 1st October, 2022 to 28 February, 2023 to keep pollution in check this winter. On 15th June, the Delhi government had also written to its neighbouring states, including Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, urging them to allow only BS VI-compliant buses to enter Delhi from 1st October in order to help control air pollution. The request was made to deal with the problem of vehicular pollution in the city. The Delhi officials said that the buses coming from the neighbouring states also contribute partly to the pollution problem. According to reports, nearly 70,000-80,000 trucks enter Delhi every day. Vehicles that will be allowed into the city include CNG-run commercial vehicles; e-trucks; all trucks carrying essential goods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, ice, milk and other food items; and tankers carrying petroleum products.

Rajendra Kapoor, President of All India Motor and Goods Transport Association said, “ Banning entry of trucks in the capital for 15-20 days is acceptable, but four months is a long period and will impact transporters. Businesses will be seriously affected and they will have losses in crores. This might also impact a hike in prices of food, vegetables and other items," He further said, “Why is the ban only for trucks? Why don’t you ban other diesel vehicles in Delhi? If diesel is a prominent pollutant, manufacturing of diesel vehicles should be banned. This is not a solution."