Delhi Autowala’s Unique Idea

To make sure that passengers stay warm in the freezing Delhi winters, an autowala has come up with a very creative idea. Watch the video for all the details.

As the year-end approaches, temperatures have fallen all over North India. In Delhi the temperature has fallen a lot and it is extremely cold.Since December 14,  the temperature in Delhi has been very low.On December 28 morning, The temperature in Delhi was 2.4 degrees Celsius.Amid this freezing weather, school students to corporate workers, everyone wishes for the availability of a portable bed and a blanket to survive the cold season.Travelling is another big task in these times, especially if you have to take an auto.

To make sure that passengers stay warm, this Delhi Autowala has come up with a very creative idea. A person on twitter shared a GIF of an autorickshaw covered from bubble wrap which helps avoid the wind from entering the passenger's cabin during the ride. The scientists at the IMD said that the unusual drop in temperatures may be because of the cold wind from the Mediterranean Sea.It is also because of the extreme cold to the heavy snowfall in the hills between December 12 and 13.