Deaf Man Commits Brutal Murder in America

Mavrick Fisher, a Deaf man from the USA has brutally murdered Grant Whitaker and was recently arrested in Mexico.

Grant David Whitaker is a deaf 25-year-old man from Mackinaw, Illinois. He was reported missing by his family to the Lake County, illinois police on 20th August.  Mavrick Fisher is Deaf and is 21-years-old. Mavrick and Grant were working together to create a Deaf farming community in the USA. However Grant did not agree with Mavrick and wanted to leave. According to authorities, Grant’s family had said that he had gotten into a fight with Mavrick. The Authorities found Grant’s body in an abandoned car in Lake county. This news has gone viral in Deaf social media in the USA. American Deaf news channel the Daily Moth was in touch with two anonymous people who were in contact with Maverick. 

The first individual said Mavrick confessed to him on Sunday that he killed Grant. Mavrick said that the two had some kind of falling out after a trip together to Elko, Nevada. Mavrick told the individual that Grant was a “demon,” so he picked up a rock and smashed Grant’s skull with it. The second individual confirmed this by saying that Mavrick had confessed to killing Grant with a stone. Mavrick told this person that he was in Mexico. Mavrick told both the persons that after he killed Grant, he decided to put his body in his sleeping bag, placed it in his vehicle, and then left it there for several days. He said that the stench was unbearable and that his body was rotting with worms. The second person even warned Mavrick and told him to be careful of fingerprints. Mavrick told the second person that Grant had tried to kill him with a knife that’s why he killed him. 

A video is circulating on deaf social media of Mavrick walking and talking in a phone saying that he was in Mexico and would rather die than to go to jail. The first individual said that Mavrick had decided to turn himself in to the police, but wanted to enjoy a few days in Mexico before going to jail. The Mexico Police police have arrested Maverick. Mavrick was deported from Mexico and sent to San Diego, USA. The police have arrested him on the basis of his confession. He is not eligible for bail right now. In California, a murderer can be jailed for up to 25 years to life imprisonment. Pam Embry Thierry, who is the grandmother of Grant Whitaker, said they are thankful for the support they have received from the deaf community. She said the family would not have known what happened to Grant if the two brave individuals did not share the information. 

Shelby Viguier is Grant’s cousin. She posted on her [Box 09 Facebook page that she learnt ASL because of him. She recently delivered a baby girl and is sad that he wouldn’t be able to meet her daughter. She said that she will fulfil her promise to teach her daughter ASL. Dailymoth took permission from her before broadcasting her message.