Deaf Individuals Unite to Help Poor People in Tricity

The Deaf Community in the Tricity area of Chandigarh came together to support the poor during the lockdown. Watch our latest video to learn all the details.

In India due to the lockdown many NGOs are distributing food and supporting the poor. In Chandigarh, the Deaf Community were united and extended their support.They weren't from any particular organisation and selflessly donated funds. The area of Chandigarh, Panchkula in Haryana and Mohali in Punjab collectively forms a Tricity. It is an area of 250 km and many Deaf individuals live here.

These Deaf Individuals decided to contribute funds. Simranjeet Singh, approached people to raise donations and many Deaf individuals agreed. Vivek Rana had good contacts with the youth and helped to raise donations. Jagjit Singh contacted his senior citizen friends and raised donations. Deepak Dhiman had contacts with many who had migrated from Chandigarh to Canada or USA. Vikas Jain from Christian Club convinced the club members to donate funds.

Once all the money was collected, they ordered the food items for Sandeep Bansal's grocery store.

Once all the items were purchased, Tek Chand Goyal, a Deaf man who owned a hotel, asked them to come to his hotel to form the packages. There were 120 in total. Out of these 105 were distributed to poor hearing people and the balance 15 were given to Deaf individuals in the Tricity area. This was done on 31st may 2020.

They then decided to support beggars who are starving. They purchased 37 kg of rice and 250 kg of rajma.

The food was then given to Gurudwara for cooking.They even purchased 306 packets of lassi and many packets of biscuits. Once the food was prepared by the Gurudwara, it was distributed to 500 poor people. A group of women plan the food distribution initiative. Anu Saigal helped contact many and raised funds. HFDWT's Vice President Geeta Malik and Ranjeeta Yadav, the culture secretary, both raised funds within the association. The fourth was Poonam who generously volunteered her support. The four Deaf women along with Simranjeet Singh and other people Distributed food at a school. They asked the school principal to gather parents of deaf students who worked as cycle rickshaw drivers, dhobis, etc. whose families are struggling to make ends meet and call them to the school. The Principal then agreed and gathered 50 such parents. This was done on 11th July 2020. The people in the Tricity area have done a very noble deed. They raised Rs 98,000 to help people. We applaud their hard work.