Deaf Individuals Seek Sign Language Recognition

The entire Deaf community in India is demanding the official recognition of Indian Sign Language as the 23rd official language of India.

We have released a news video about NAD’s advocacy with the government to make ISL an official language.The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has started a campaign and asked everyone to send letters to the Home Ministry to present inclusion of ISL in the constitution as the 23rd official language in front of winter session of the parliament.There are 18 million deaf people in India the community has petitioned the central government to recognize the Indian Sign Language.

This news was even published in the Times of India. Even the General secretary of the State Association of the Deaf Pradeep More confirmed that even he will write to the ministry in which he has stated that the recognition of the Indian Sign Language will help to create better opportunities for them, quality schools for Deaf children, and  higher education for Deaf youth.The aim of this campaign is to spread awareness among the people of the Deaf community, educators, Indian Sign Language teachers and interpreters about the need to make it an official language.

NAD hopes to reach the government who makes the law, they are sharing and spreading it all around through social media handles and tweets are being shared to raise the voice so the parliament takes the matter under consideration.They have also written to the government and received assurance about a positive action. Last year, the ministry of social justice has raised the issue but it is still there on the paper.

This law will bring the Deaf community closer to having their only method of interaction recognized by the government. Once it is listed as an official language then the government can promote and develop sign language.If sign language is made official then like every other language even this will qualify for printing on the currency notes and even UPSC exams and other exams can be conducted in Sign language.