Deaf Girl Geeta Gets a New Home

Deaf Girl Geeta who returned from Pakistan after 15 years has finally found a new home. Watch our latest video to learn about her heartwarming journey.

Hope you all remember Geeta! Similar to the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Geeta returned to India after spending 15 years in Edhi Foundation in Pakistan. In 2015, the then Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj brought Geeta back to India from Pakistan so that she can be reunited with her parents. Geeta has not found her parents or life partner as yet. In India Geeta lived with an NGO Mook Badhir Sangathan for five years. As per her wish she was shifted to Anand Service Society. A video became viral which showed Geeta leaving Mook Badhir Sangathan and shifting. In the video showed a man asking Geeta through an interpreter if she was taught computers. To which she replied that she learnt here also and in the class also. She will not sit idle and will try and use what she has learnt and develop herself. Geeta then met others and was seen getting emotional and crying. She says, “I love all of them, I am worried, I will keep coming to meet everyone.” She also tells them not to cry and not to worry. She also thanks her teachers. 

Dr. Usha Punjabi Founder and Management Representative of IDBA run by Mook Badhir Sangathan in Sign Language said, “Geeta is shifting. I don’t want people to doubt. I will tell you clearly what happened.” 

She added, “In October 2020 it will be 5 years that Geeta was staying here. She was interested in studying, cooking, dancing, jokes etc. She stayed in the hotel with other girls. And joked with them but also did her work. When she was leaving she met everyone, felt very emotional and cried a lot. We all also felt the same. We can never forget her.”Dr Usha Punjabi in the video said that, “ Since the last 4 months there is coronavirus, in the start of April and May it was fine as there were students in the hostel. But slowly the students started going back to their parents houses. Geeta too missed her parents. Since last month she everyday used to ask us about her parents. She kept saying that I want to meet PM Modi, Actor Amitabh Bachchan. On her insistence, we sent emails to PM Modi and Madhya Pradesh CM. But there was no response from them. Geeta felt bad because there were only 3 girls in the hostel. She was very worried.” 

Dr Usha said, “We did not know what to do so we wrote to the Social Justice Department and asked them to solve Geeta’s problem. The Social Justice dept. finally called her so she along with our President and another teacher went there. The officers helped a lot.” Dr. Usha said that Mr. Purohit was called there and after the discussions with Mr. Purohit, Geeta was shifted to his centre Anand Service Society.  There he said that he will be searching for her parents. We were responsible for her studies etc. It was the government’s responsibility of searching for her parents. Whatever the government told us to do, we did. Social Justice dept. agreed to shift her. On 20th July a car came for her but we sent her in our school car along with 2-3 staff to the dept. and from there she was sent to Mr. Purohit’s place.” 

MBS is only following government orders. If Geeta is happy there, we are happy. We from MBS also pray that her parents are found.” In her message Dr Usha also mentioned that there were lots of doubts among the deaf about Geeta being shifted. She said that helping out fellow deaf individuals is of most importance. All should pray and help that Geeta’s parents are found.