Deaf Donate Rs 2 Lakh to Baby Surviving on Feeding Tube

N.Srikanth and K. Vijay Kumar, both Deaf, have donated Rs 2 lakh to a couple whose baby is surviving on a feeding tube. Watch our latest video for all the details.

In the interiors of Kolkata there was a Deaf married couple with a baby. The Deaf man's name was Jiyaur Mondal and his wife's name is Sonali Sardar. Their son is Arman Mondal. However, their son aged 1 year 5 months, though healthy, was unable to drink milk orally. He was then operated on and a feeding tube was placed on his stomach. The baby would be fed by putting milk through the feeding tube. How heart wrenching! This was all because he could not drink milk orally. Jiyaur & Sonali were suffering financially to make ends meet.

They wanted to save their baby's life and ensure he had a future. They had a tough time with the medical expenses. The couple appealed for help on social media. In Hyderabad, Telangana, a Deaf man named N.Srikanth learnt about their issues and decided to support. He wanted to meet Arman in person. However Srikanth was unable to contact them. Even though the couple had shared a video on Facebook, there were no contact details.

After weeks Srikanth then found their contact details in a Facebook post about the couple. When called on the number, it wasn't Jiyaur who answered. This person was responsible for spreading the word about helping the couple. When Srikanth spoke to him, they all warmly welcomed him to visit.

Srikanth and K. Vijay Kumar - sign name - flew from Hyderabad to Kolkata and went to their rural village. The two went over to their home and met the cute baby.

They learnt about the baby being unable to consume milk orally and about the feeding tube. They were extremely saddened by this. Srikanth genuinely wanted to help them and save Armaan's life. This is why the two decided to donate Rs 2 lakh to the family. They paid Rs 1 lakh each.

Srikanth even collected Rs 12,000 from among his friends and gave it to the couple. Thus, the couple received a total of Rs 2,12,000. Jiyaur & Sonali were overjoyed by this gesture that would help their baby stay alive and support all the medical expenses. Srikanth said if they required more funds, he would help procure them. How surprising! Srikanth, Vijay and their friends donated money with the intention of saving Arman's life. Srikanth said he will try to raise more funds to help Arman. Jiyaur & Sonali are over the moon that their son can live a longer life.