Customer From Kerala Found Snake Skin In Food

In a shocking event from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A woman named Priya had found Snake Skin in the food she ordered from a restaurant.

In 2022, eating out in a restaurant or ordering food at home had become a regular practice for almost everyone. But can you imagine your favourite food, wrapped inside a snake skin instead of a silver foil?Well No one ever can. However, in a shocking event from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A woman named Priya had ordered two pieces of parotta from a restaurant in the city on the 5th May. After the food was delivered, she first served her daughter, who finished her meal. But later when Priya started eating the food herself, she spotted a half-a-finger-long piece of snake skin on the wrapping paper which left her in great shock. Priya immediately complained  about the incident to the police, who directed her to take up the matter with food safety officials. Acting on her complaint, local municipal authorities carried out an inspection at the restaurant and found that the restaurant was working  in “bad condition” as a result of which they immediately shut it down. Arshitha Basheer, the food safety officer of that area, said early findings indicate that the snake skin was in the newspaper which was used for packing the food. The parotta had come in contact with the shedded skin of the snake. Talking about the hotel’s operations, she said that the kitchen did not have sufficient lighting and waste was seen dumped just outside the kitchen. The restaurant’s licence was immediately cancelled and a notice was also given to the owners of the restaurant.