Citizens of Jaipur Protest Rape of 7-Year-Old Girl

On Monday 1st July, a 7-year-old child who was playing outside her home in was brutally kidnapped and raped by a man in Jaipur.

On Monday the 1st of July, a 7-year-old child was playing outside her house in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. At 7:30 pm a man, riding a bike, approached her and threatened to kill her if she did not go with him. He then kidnapped the girl and raped her. After raping the girl she was dumped at Pani Ki Tanki area. The brave girl walked on her own back home. She walked at least half-a-kilometer distance. Her father said that when she reached home, it looked like she was tortured brutally at a place full of sand. She told her parents that the man would have killed her if she did not go with him. Initially, the family took her to Kavantiya Hospital. She was then referred to JK Lone Hospital. She is undergoing treatment and is said to be stable.

When the public came to know about this horrendous crime, locals gathered at the hospital and started protesting. When police arrived to disperse the crowd, the protesters pelted stones. Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava said 16 people were arrested. Angry over the incident, locals went on a rampage demanding action against the accused. The protests turned violent on Tuesday after they burnt 160 vehicles. People were circulating many rumours on Social Media as well. To control the situation internet services were suspended for a few hours as well. 

Mr Srivastava said that the child is undergoing treatment and her condition is stable. The Jaipur police have formed 14 police teams to catch the rapist. Locals are angry because a similar incident happened in just 10 days ago. A four-year-old was abducted and raped in a similar fashion. The accused was never traced, and some believe he is the same man who raped the seven-year-old.The state government gave a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh to the victim’s family.