Chandigarh MMS Scandal: Four Accused Arrested So Far

Students alleged that “private” and “objectionable” videos of several girls from Chandigarh University were leaked. So far, the Punjab Police have arrested four people.

On 18th September, massive protests erupted inside the Chandigarh University campus after students alleged that “private” and “objectionable” videos of several girls hostel residents were leaked on the internet. So far, the Punjab Police have arrested four people in the case. Including the MBA Student, her boyfriend Sunny Mehta, and a boy named Rankaj Verma. Sanjeev Singh, an Army man from Arunachal Pradesh, was the fourth man arrested in connection with the MMS scandal. He was in love with the student who was allegedly making videos of women showering in the hostel. Sanjeev Singh reportedly told the Mohali Police about his relationship with the accused. Notably, the girl already had a boyfriend named Sunny Mehta from Shimla. The Army personnel and the accused met on social media and exchanged their mobile phone numbers as per our sources. It is still not known whether the accused had also shared the videos with Sanjeev Singh. 

When the accused was being questioned by the hostel manager, it was found that someone was constantly texting her. Later, a WhatsApp chat revealed that she was chatting with Sanjeev Singh, who was allegedly asking her to send the videos and the photos. The WhatsApp chat revealed that the girl was under pressure to film the videos. She even told Sanjeev that he had put her in an embarrassing situation by asking for the photos and videos since she got caught clicking the photos. Another accused in the case, Rankaj Verma, who had claimed that he was innocent and that the accused and her boyfriend from Shimla, Sunny Mehta, were not known to him, has now filed a bail application in court. Rankaj told the police that it was because of his DP that the girl used to save the contact of Sanjeev Singh due to which the cops caught him and that he was not at fault. The police remand of the girl, her boyfriend, and his friend Rankaj was set to be over today. However, the police demanded extension and the court granted the police, custody of the accused for five days.

Meanwhile, the police are eagerly waiting for the forensic report of the mobile phones and girl’s laptop, which will reveal whether she clicked the photographs and made the videos. What do you think about this whole story? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section, below?