BMC: Conjunctivitis is Spreading Fast in Mumbai

From witnessing a rise in cases of dengue in a few states in India, conjunctivitis- is another virus spreading rapidly in Mumbai.

Onset of monsoon and time thereafter is often prone to rise in diseases. From witnessing a rise in cases of dengue in a few states in India, eye infection conjunctivitis is another virus spreading rapidly in the financial capital of Mumbai. According to Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation, over the past two weeks, conjunctivitis infections have grown three-fold. Some of the major hospitals in the city are witnessing 15-20 cases every day, which is much higher than the average footfall. Sounding the alarm, BMC has issued a warning for the residents. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation statement said 250-300 conjunctivitis patients have been treated in the BMC-run Murli Deora Eye Hospital in the last two weeks, according to a report by PTI. When the humidity in the air increases during the rainy season, the environment becomes a breeding ground for infectious diseases. Conjunctivitis, along with other ailments, spread during this time, said Dr. Varsha Rokde, chief health officer of Murli Deora Eye Hospital.


Here are some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis:

Conjunctivitis, also referred to as Pink Eye, is an extremely contagious eye inflammation commonly caused by a bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction

  • Redness in a white part of the eye

  • Redness in inner eyelids

  • Pain in eyes

  • Watery eyes

  • Thick yellow discharge near eyelashes mostly after waking from sleep

  • Itchy or burning eyes


Precaution to be taken Conjunctivitis:


  • Avoid touching the surface in public

  • Avoid touching eyes repeatedly

  • Keep your surrounding clean and keep washing your hands

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes often

In case someone feels uncomfortable, it Is best to get a diagnosis from doctors and get proper medication.