BMC Spent Rs 21cr On Malad Wall, Was Built 2 Years Ago

The Malad wall that collapsed and claimed the lives of many people in Mumbai, cost Rs 21 crore to build. The wall was constructed only two years back.


The BMC had spent Rs 21 crore to build a 2.3 km long, 15-foot tall wall around the water reservoir near the Kurar village in Malad. However it collapsed only after 2 years of construction and claimed 26 lives with one person still missing. When the wall collapsed, it swept away 3,000 shanties in Pimparipada and Ambedkar Nagar. The BMC has set up a civic body that will investigate what happened to the wall and why it collapsed, they have formed a committee with experts from IIT, VJTI and construction experts as well. 

Some people blame the wall being built poorly and not being able to contain the water pressure and caused the collapse, but others have said a landslide near the area broke the walls with stones and rocks. They have issued a notice to Omkar Engineers & Contractors who built the wall and told them to explain why this happened. Nobody could contact the contractors.

 Vinod Mishra a BJP corporator has asked the BMC that a case must be filed against the contractors and holding them responsible for the deaths. He said the wall was built very poorly and if it collapsed due to the water pressure they will all be held accountable. If it was due to a landslide it was a natural cause. One person is still missing, Sonali Sakpal (23) in Ambedkar Nagar, while all the residents of that area are worried as they have no homes to return done. Experts have said that the same amount of money could have been used to build a 7-story building with 100 flats that would stand for 50 years.