BMC Provides Free Food & Money to Deaf in Mumbai

The BMC has started an initiative to provide food and monetary support to people with Disabilities in Mumbai. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Pradeep More is the General Secretary of SLAD and the General Secretary of DAM as well. When he heard that the BMC is providing food and monetary support, he decided to share this information with the Deaf residents of Mumbai. Since, it is an initiative by the BMC.

Click on the link to access the form.

The text in red that says, 'Required', means entering that detail is mandatory.

1. Fill in your entire name without any mistake.

2. Enter your gender. Are you a male, female or other?

3. Enter your clear Mumbai address that is mentioned on your aadhar card.

4. Enter your mobile number. 

5. WhatsApp number - if it is different - otherwise enter the same mobile number.

6. Enter whether your Divyang Certificate is Old, New or Online.

7. Enter your Divyang Percentage. Is it 100%, 90% or put the number mentioned in the audiogram.

8. BMC Ward Number. What does this mean?

First consider where you live. For example, Dadar, Andheri, Vile Parle, Parel, etc.

Ask your neighbours which BMC ward the Area falls under. Is it A, B, C, D, South, North, etc.

Once you confirm, click on the option. Do not select any random option. Make sure you confirm the ward number with your neighbours.

9. Enter your ration card colour. Is it white, orange or yellow?

10. Enter your Ration Card number.

11. Enter the ration shop number, that is closest to your house.

12. Enter your Aadhar Card number.

13. Bank Name. Check your passbook to see the name of your bank.

Is it SBI, Union Bank, ICICI, Axis Bank, etc. Check the passbook and enter the name.

14. Carefully enter the Bank Account number.

15. Enter the Bank IFSC Code.

16. Branch of Bank. Check your passbook and enter the details.

17. What form of service are you in? There are five options. Private, Government, Semi Government, No Job or Student. Enter one of the five options.

18. If you have entered Private as a form of service, then mention your designation and company name.

19. Do you or do you not get Divyang Pension.

20. Do you or do you not get retired pension?

21. Have you been provided with a disabled PCO booth by the government?

If you have then enter yes, if you do not, then enter no.

22. If you have then enter yes. Then mention the Disabled PCO Booth LICENSE No.

Once you are done, click on submit.We hope you all clearly fill in the details and submit the form.

Here is PDF linki for  list of contact numbers:

Carefully find your BMC ward number, from the list and below that there will be a few mobile numbers. Select one number and send them a WhatsApp message. Take clear images of each and send your Aadhar, PAN, Ration, Bank Pass Book, Disability Certificate, and Telephone Number. Do not keep sending to multiple different numbers as it will lead to confusion. You may not receive the relief and it will be a loss for all Deaf individuals. If you have any doubts, please call Rajendra Karampuri a BMC employee on WhatsApp. His number is 8169900383. 12th June is the last day. The extension is not confirmed. Please try to submit it soon. It is not confirmed if you will receive the relief. But you can try.