Biopic on PM Modi to Release After Elections

The biopic on PM Modi which was supposed to be released at the time of the Lok Sabha elections in the country, was stalled by the Election Commission. It will now be released on 24th May, a day after

The film on PM Modi, shows his journey from his teenage years, to becoming the Prime Minister of the country. This is a film by Omung Kumar. The actors in the film, Boman Irani and Zarina Wahab, have created interest among the people. The trailer of the film got over a million views, just sometime after it was released online.

The Congress said that releasing the film, so close to the National Elections would violate the Model Code of Conduct. The Model Code of Conduct, is a set of rules issued by the Election Commission of India, that all political parties and candidates, must follow. The Congress said that the film was made to control, influence, and impress the voters and viewers of the film. They also pointed out that four BJP office bearers were among the movies producers.

As a result, on 10th April, one day before the Lok Sabha elections began, the Election Commission said that any film which could disturb the election process, should not be shown. The screening of this film was temporarily stopped.

Film producer Sandip Singh said that they will now release the film on May 24th, after the election results would be declared on May 23rd. He hoped that now nobody would have any problem, and that the release would be smooth.

The movie ran into another problem. People who write song lyrics are called lyricists. Lyricists Javed Akhtar and Sameer said that they were given credits without contributing any lyrics to the songs in the film.

The film makers say that they were given credits as the poster of the movie uses parts of some old songs which were written by them.