BDS Distribute Food to Deaf During Lockdown

Bhopal Deaf of Society, BDS, has distributed food to struggling Deaf individuals during the lockdown. Watch our latest video to learn more.

In Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal, there is an association named Bhopal Deaf of Society, BDS. Their President is Jitender Batra General Secretary (GS) is Qasim Hussain. BDS aim is to encourage physical activities among the Deaf for their mental development. They had recently organised a fun cricket tournament, where they awarded the winners. BDS has been working for 5 years and is continuing its good work. Qasim Hussain, the GS, knew that PM Modi had announced the lockdown due to COVID-19. However, he saw that Deaf people were suffering due to unemployment, financial problems, starvation, poverty, etc. Qasim Hussain wanted to distribute food to people as food is extremely important for families.

Qasim Hussain then discussed this with President Jitender Batra, who agreed to extend support. Hussain did not want to compile a list of those suffering. He was already aware about Deaf individuals who were suffering.

He wanted to go door to door with the food and surprise people. He then began planning. When Hussain and the President discussed the finances, the President and the Board members had contributed a total of Rs 5,000. However, these were insufficient and they raised Rs 2,000 from BDS members. Now they had Rs 7,000. Also they met Mr Mahesh Pawar who is from Mumbai. Mr Pawar had visited Bhopal for work and got stuck due to the lockdown. This is why he stayed in Bhopal. When Hussain met Pawar, Pawar became very interested and contributed Rs 1,000 to BDS to distribute food.

In each bag, they included large quantities of rice, wheat, dal, sanitisers, masks, biscuits, etc. and created the 8 packages. Before distribution, they needed to secure police permission. Interpreter Kaplesh Kurele helped them fill out the applications. He has had a long relationship of working with BDS by providing interpreting services & management and Kurele helped to write the application. Hussain submitted it to the police and secured the approval.

They travelled remote places 5-15 km away. Food packages were delivered door to door, to 8 deaf individuals. All the Deaf people were very surprised when BDS arrived at their doorstep without informing.

Hussain said that he wanted to surprise them and see them happy. Since they had some food remaining, the board decided to distribute it to the many poor at temples. The Board has said they want to eliminate COVID-19.