BDAD Help Women, Senior Citizens & Deaf During Lockdown

Bokaro District Association of the Deaf, BDAD, in Bokaro Steel City in Jharkhand has distributed food to 670 individuals. Watch our latest video to learn more about their noble initiative.

In Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, there is an association named BDAD which was founded in 2000 and registered in 2007.  Their aim has been to promote sports, cricket, education, sewing, computer education, etc. among the Deaf. BDAD's Vice-President is Saurabh Anand and their General Secretary is Arun Kumar Mishra. Mr Mishra and Mr Anand saw individuals of Bokaro Steel city suffering and starving due to the lockdown. Mr Anand the Vice President contributed funds and asked Mr Mishra to use it to support such people.

Rakesh Kumar, an ex-member of BDAD, took tremendous effort to contact people and collected funds.

Mr Mishra collected the funds and handed them to Aman Kumar, an ex-member as well. 

Who then purchased items such as Dal, rice, vegetables, oil and distributed them into many food packages. Vikas Kumar Singh, an ex-member of BDAD, offered to drive to remote areas.

For two days they drove to distribute food. They distributed food to 650 individuals such as senior citizens, women, men, etc. They also distributed food to the children who were requesting for food.

Everyone was very happy to receive the food. 20 Deaf individuals were given food as well. In all BDAD distributed food to 670 individuals. For the first time in Jharkhand's Bokaro Steel city such an initiative was carried out.

They saw that at the highway intersection there were 50 policemen who were on duty. They were on duty day and night to contain COVID-19 and keep citizens safe. BDAD decided to applaud their efforts and distributed lassis to them. The police officers were surprised to learn about Deaf individuals distributing lassis and their BDAD association. The APN News Channel also broadcasted details about their initiative. The 670 individuals were very grateful to BDAD for their help.