‘Baba’ Back to Dhaba After Restaurant Fails

Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba eatery in Delhi, shut down his new restaurant that he had opened in Malviya Nagar in December 2020 using the donation money, owing to losses.

"Baba Ka Dhaba" owner Kanta Prasad (80), made headlines last year after a YouTuber revealed his grim financial condition triggered by the coronavirus pandemic to the world. Many people went to his dhaba to eat and help him financially. Many gave him donations as well. With the lakhs of rupees received in donations, in December last year, Kanta Prasad had started a new restaurant in Malviya Nagar. The name of Kanta Prasad's new restaurant was also 'Baba Ka Dhaba' and was just a few minutes away from his old Dhaba. Kanta Prasad said, "I had shut that new eatery on February 15. The heavy expense of around Rs 1 lakh was involved in running it. We had to pay Rs 36,000 per month to workers working there and the rent of that shop was Rs 35,000 per month. Other expenses included electricity bill, water bill, etc. As compared to the investment, the returns were less so it was necessary to close it because we were incurring losses. I will now return to my old Dhaba as many customers come there.” 

Reports say the restaurant, which initially generated much public interest and saw impressive crowds, gradually lost customers and was vexed by mismanagement. Mr Prasad, however, says that he will now run his dhaba till the day he dies. He has also planned his retirement. He said that because of people’s generous donations he and his wife were able to save up Rs 20 lakh.