Ananya Pandey & Aryan Khan WhatsApp Chats Leaked
Oct 27, 2021

Recently, whatsapp chats between Aryan Khan and Ananya Pandey have been leaked. There have been discussions about drugs on these chats

The Aryan Khan drug case has ruled the headlines for a while now. The NCB had found chats between Aryan and actress Ananya Pandey. These chats were 2 years old. It was even before Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. 

In the chats Aryan and Ananya were talking about drugs and this is why Ananya was called for questioning by the NCB. However not much was known about the chats as the NCB had not revealed any information. Shockingly now WhatsApp chats between the two have been leaked on social media and they have shocked everyone. 

The chats are as follows:

Aryan Khan: Weed

Ananya Panday: It's in demand

Aryan Khan: I will take it from you in secret

Ananya Panday: Fine

Another chat between the two went as follows:

Ananya Panday: Now that I am in the business

Aryan Khan: You brought the weed?

Aryan Khan: Ananya

Ananya Panday: I am getting it

Here’s another chat between them: 

Aryan -  Let’s do cocaine tomorrow

Aryan -I’m getting you guys (cuss word) by NCB.

During NCB questioning, Ananya said she did not buy any drugs for Aryan and she was joking with him. The NCB called her for questioning 2 times. She was called for the 3rd time as well but she did not go. Ananya has not been arrested and the NCB is continuing their investigation. 

Another Whatsapp Chat between Aryan Khan and a boy named Achit Kumar has been leaked. In the chat Aryan had ordered Rs 80,000 worth weed. 

All bollywood celebrities are extremely afraid that their WhatsApp chats may get leaked to the media and many are now trying to delete all their messages.