AI Robots Attend A Football Game in USA

AI humanoid robots like Sophia, Chihira, Nadine, Geminoid DK, and Jia Jia are gaining prominence for their realistic appearances and versatile applications.

These days AI technology is upgrading day by day. It changed our day to day life. The robots are seen in the stadium sitting with fans. They looked like humans. The most unusual thing occurred at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles on September 11, 2023 during an NFL game between the Miami Dolphins vs the Los Angeles Chargers. During the game, four AI Robots were spotted amongst the crowds, and this really spooked out the fans. The robots easily blended in with the other people as they easily passed as humans. Viral videos online have shown the robots watching the game, and one even greeted a fan. However, one thing that didn’t go unnoticed was that all these robots didn’t smile at any given time. According to reports, the robots were there to promote an upcoming movie called ‘The Creator’, which seemed to catch people’s attention. This was the first of its kind in NFL history, including this season which officially started on September 7, 2023.

There are five functioning humanoid robots in the world. 

Sophia - The most famous one is known as Sophia. Sophia is considered the most advanced robot because she has human attributes such as kindness and can interact with human beings easily, unlike any other robots. The aim was to make her conversant in working in either nursing homes or as a crowd manager.

Junko Chihira - Chihira is an android robot created by Toshiba, and works at a tourist information center in Tokyo. She can answer tourists’ questions directly. Apart from tourism she is able to work at old age homes too.

Nadine - Nadine’s created by a Japanese company known as Kokoro. Just like humans, she has a personality and emotions. Nadine is able to maintain eye contact and recall all past conversations anyone has ever had with her. She is equipped with a 3D camera, microphone and a webcam that she uses to gather visual and audio information.

Geminoid DK - This robot came to be with the collaboration of a private Japanese firm and Osaka University. While creating DK, the aim was to make it look exactly like a human being.

Jia Jia - This is China’s first humanoid robot and she is most known for her realistic features. She is not able to make accurate and flowing conversations yet but her beauty and appearance makes up for this.