Deaf Leader E.P.Hydru Passes Away Due to COVID-19

E.P.Hydru a much adored and jovial Deaf leader from Kerala, breathed his last on 18th May 2021 due to the coronavirus. Watch our latest video to learn about his exemplary life.

E.P.Hydru lived in Nilambur, Malappuram in Kerala. He was the Vice-Chairman of Malappuram District Sports Council of the Deaf (MDAD), All Kerala Association of the Deaf (AKAD), Malappuram District Sports Council of the Deaf (MSCD). In 1987, he was the first to establish the MDAD. He helped to register the association and also became the General Secretary. He worked for MDAD for all these years. MDAD is affiliated with AKAD. After being the General secretary, President, Vice-President, he was currently working as the Vice-Chairman.

Hydru studied upto 7th standard at a government school in Ottapalam in Kerala. In those days, 7th std was the highest education available. Despite this he was well read and good at writing. After completing his schooling, he went to Telangana in Hyderabad to study ITI. After the course, he had a government job working for the water department in Kerala. After working with them for so long, he retired around 2014 - 2015 at the age of 56.

Since then he has been running his own business. Hydru was loved by everyone in the Deaf Community. He was a very humble man and helped solve people's problems. Hydru was a very jovial man.

Recently he was hospitalised at a government hospital in Nilambur as he had tested positive for COVID-19. At the hospital he had difficulty breathing and succumbed to the deadly disease. He passed away on 18 May 2021. He was 67 years old and he passed away at around 5pm. People in Kerala are devastated over his demise and miss him dearly. Have a look at some of his pictures.